Krishma Patel

Krishma explores the visual impact of Quilted Texture in her work. She is inspired by the bold use of colors found in Folk Arts from around the world as well as the simple geometric shapes found in Mid Century Modern Art.

Krishma Patel was born in South India, a region famous for it’s exquisite textiles. Her mother, an avid dress maker, would hand Krishma scraps of fabrics and silk yarns to play with. By the age of 9 she was able to run a treadle sewing machine on her own. Throughout, her school and college years, she worked on and gathered knowledge of the various local textiles. She excelled in Free Motion Embroidery on the treadle sewing machine. She had not encountered Quilting until much later in life.

By formal education, Krishma has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance. While she progressed in the careers of Accounting & Finance, she continued to nurture her love for textiles and yarns. A job move for Krishma’s husband brought them both to USA. Shopping for house wares in the spring of 2001 she was asked to peek into a room that had a traveling exhibit of award winning quilts on display. She was transfixed by the beauty of these quilted works of Art and there was no looking back.

Today, as a self taught Professional Quilt Artist, Krishma Patel quilts on State of the Art Quilting Machines as well as on the Treadle Sewing Machines. She offers Quilting for Hire services and is also Commissioned by people to make quilts from design to completion to commemorate event

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Artist Cultural Focus

Artist Cultural Focus: American, Asian, Indian


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