Teju Reval

Teju is a charcoal artist, Illustrator and Surface pattern designer.  Her style is elegant and trendy, and mostly romanticizes contrasts- Black & white with color, simple with complex, mundane with extraordinary.

She grew up in India and has lived in the UK, Hong Kong and US. Though she trained as a Computer Engineer and earned her Masters in Business Administration, her heart was always set on creative pursuit. She quit her job and became a full-time artist in 2013.

Teju loves working with Charcoal. She is amazed at how that medium can be both loose and rigid at the same time, the possibilities are endless. She also enjoys working with different media like pen and ink, watercolor and gouache. She takes inspiration from her travels. She lives, dreams and breathes art everyday.

Artist Cultural Focus

Artist Cultural Focus: American, Asian, Indian

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