Middlesex County Senior Citizen Art Contest 2020

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Middlesex County Senior Citizen Art Contest 2020


Dates to be announced shortly.


  • Acrylic Painting

  • Craft – one-of-a-kind original creations only, no craft kits or molds

  • Digital (Computer) Art – artwork created using computer graphics software (does not include digital photographs)

  • Mixed Media – art that combines two or more media (often non-traditional), and no one of the media clearly predominates; includes collage and assemblage

  • Oil Painting

  • Pastel – includes chalk (soft) and oil pastel

  • Print – all print forms including –but not limited to –etching, linoleum block, lithograph, woodcut, monoprint, silkscreen, collagraph

  • Photography – includes color, black & white or tinted photographs taken with a film-based or digital camera

  • Sculpture – work designed in 3-dimensions, carved or constructed in any medium, abstract or figurative

  • Watercolor Painting – includes gouache (note: traditional watercolor often includes light pencil work and/or ink. They are still considered “Watercolor” –NOT “mixed media”)

  • Works on Paper -includes hand-drawn works in mediums including: charcoal, pencil, colored pencil, graphite, ink, pen, crayon, or stylus of any sort


ARTIST CLASSIFICATION – Professional or Non-Professional?


Professional: any artist who meets 2 or more of these qualifications:

a) sells or has sold artwork through commercial channels (including galleries, on-line galleries, craft shows, art shows, etc.);

b) has been exhibiting their work for 2 or more yearsin professional galleries and/or in professional art exhibits;**

c) has had work selected in 2 or more Juried art or craft shows;**

d) has received 2 or more awards for their artwork;**

e) holds (or has held) professional membership in an artist or craftsperson’sguild or association.


Non-Professional: an artist who does not meet 2 or more of the above criteria**

EXCEPTION:  Artists who only enter their County Senior Art Show and NEVER exhibit their work in any other show or venue do not have to identify themselves as a Professional Artist unless they have won First Place in their category 3 or more times–in that case, they should identify themselves as “Professional.”


For more information, please contact the Office of Aging and Disabled Services.