lazos america unida

lazos america unida
Lazos América Unida, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Central New Jersey with the mission of representing and advocating on behalf of the Mexican immigrant community as well as strengthening the relationship between the Hispanic and the broader community through grassroots projects that seek to enhance and foster individual and collective prosperity and involve the public, private, civic and research sectors at the local, state, national and transnational levels.

In the area of Mexican cultural preservation, LAZOS promotes festivals such as 5 de Mayo, Guelaguetza (Oaxaca), Day of the Dead and our roots fest, to name a few. In the gastronomical area we do contests of moles, tamales, tacos and gastronomical exhibitions with cooks who come from Mexico.
We make presentations in schools, museums and libraries about the cultural diversity of Mexico.
Our Mexican art and culture classes for children at the Lazos community center support young people with their cultural identity but also serve as therapy for children who have been diagnosed with anxiety, concentration problems and depression.
Through Kalpulli (Mexica dance, customs and pre hispanic traditions) we continue to preserve, promote and teach natural medicine, mother tongues such as Mixtec, Mexican, Zapotec, Triqui, among other languages, as well as the dances and traditions that the natives of Mexico, USA and other Latin American countries continue to maintain as part of their daily lives.
We offer Mexican art and dance classes for children and youth.



  • Tehuana dance

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