Teh Feeling Messengers by Miguel Valdes

Teh Feeling Messengers by Miguel Valdes

                         The Feeling Messengers

                                                 Miguel ( Miguelo) Valdes  

                                                 Band Leader

                                 61 Linden St Apt A6  Hackensack, NJ, 07601

           Cell phone number: (201)658-0986/ (201)552-0391

miguelovaldes.mva@gmail.com/ marianglop69@hotmail.com



 Miguel (Miguelo) Valdes the Afro-Cuban musician and band leader has assembled a talented group of professional Latin artists dedicated to preserving authentic Cuban music. Their performances are jam-packed with rhythms that reflect the Boleros, Rumbas, Guarachas and Cuban music from the 1940s.

The Feeling Messengers is noted throughout New York City and New Jersey for combining contemporary traditional jazz and bossanova with the traditional Cuban Son that takes the audience into a feeling of nostalgia, love, longing and happiness all through their music.

The Feeling Messengers bridges generations and understanding of the important history music has played in breaking down barriers of misunderstanding. Through music we can touch the hearts, minds, bodies and soul through the heartbeat of good Cuban music.

Previously our name was The Feeling Collective Band but know we changed it to The Feeling Messengers because that’s what we are: Messengers of Feeling.


  1. Recording a CDs.
  2. Participate in different presentations and festivals, theaters and clubs around the world.
  3. Get awards that can make our career.
  4. Reach the hearts and minds of people who likes this musical genre feeling.


 8 Microphones

2 Bass and guitar amplifiers

5 Monitors

2 Congas

1 Bongo w

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  • The National Jazz Museum in Harlem


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