Metuchen Public Library

Metuchen Public Library

Cultural Resource - History / Preservation: Digitization


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 480 Middlesex Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840

The Metuchen Public Library is located at 480 Middlesex Avenue, Metuchen, New Jersey.

Our mission is to seek to inform, enrich, and empower the public, supports intellectual freedom, encourages lifelong learning, and strengthens community engagement in a welcoming environment.

We strive to provide: 

  • Free and equal access to information for all ages and abilities in the community
  • Advocacy for the rights of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment
  • A well-balanced collection and resources that meet the interests and needs of the community
  • A variety of educational, recreational, cultural, and informational activities and programs
  • A place where people can connect, socialize and share their expertise
  • Space for innovation, imagination, and creativity
  • A staff that is committed to excellence in customer service

We were pleased to receive art grants in 2018 and 2019. It enabled us to team up with local artists and offered a wide range of popular art classes to all ages in the community, as well as showcase the beauty and the creativity of the artists.

We were grateful to receive the history grants from 2016 through 2019 to support us to digitize our local newspapers, from 1900-1989, and made the database available for free access in-house and remotely. It is a great tool for researching the history, people, events and community development in the greater area of central New Jersey.